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New Product Launch!

EcoSafe is very proud to announce a brand-new product line that we are launching – Compostable Lawn & Leaf products. We are excited to be on the forefront of one of the most impressive innovations in compostable technology. A non-woven fabric that is sustainably created, durable, and compostable. All the ideals that EcoSafe works so hard to incorporate into our products.

All about the Lawn & Leaf products

We are launching 2 different products: a tarp and a bag. They are made from the same material but accommodate different preferences for collecting yard waste.

The EcoSafe Compostable Lawn & Leaf Tarp is perfect for quickly collecting yard waste and moving it to your green bin. To use it, lay the tarp out on the ground (printed side down) and weigh down the corners to keep it in place better. Then, just rake, or place your yard waste on to the tarp and tie up the corners. At full capacity, it can hold 2 to 3 times as much as a standard paper bag and is strong enough to carry it. Because of that strength, the tarp can be used multiple times. Feel free to empty it into your green bin and lay the tarp back out for round 2… or 3… or 4…

The EcoSafe Compostable Lawn & Leaf Bag is for more traditional yard waste collection. It works the same as a traditional paper bag and will hold about the same amount. But, where a paper bag’s height will often make it difficult to stay open and upright, these bags stay flat and allow you to raise them up as you fill the bag. Less fussing with getting the rake into a paper bag that is trying to fold itself back up.

Are paper bags bad for the environment?

Paper yard waste bags will decompose fabulously in a compost facility. However, if you’re old enough, you’ll remember why we switched away from paper bags at grocery stores; because they required so many trees to be cut down. This is still the case. To make a paper yard waste bag strong enough to be able to hold heavy, wet loads, manufacturers stick multiple layers of non-recycled paper together. This means that trees that are many years old are cut down to create these bags. Less trees means less CO2 is removed from the environment. More C02 in the environment means a warmer earth. That’s bad.

Are EcoSafe Lawn & Leaf products bad for the environment?

From start to finish, the EcoSafe Lawn & Leaf tarp and bag are designed with the environment in mind. They compost perfectly at compost facilities and they have the BPI and CMA badges to prove it. But the more impressive thing is that all the materials that go into making the non-woven fabric for these products are plant-based, and annually renewable. That means that everything that goes into making these bags can be grown back in a single year. No deforestation, and no hampering of the environment. Just a normal annual growth cycle. All this is on top of the fact that you can use our bag or tarp many times over which means less bags/tarps are needed in the first place.

What happens when yard waste bags get wet?

Paper bags come with the flaw of absorbing water. When wet waste goes into a bag, or when a bag is rained on, that water is absorbed into the bag. This reduces the strength of a paper bag, makes it much heavier, and will attract mold.

The EcoSafe Lawn & Leaf Bags, by contrast, do not absorb water. The fabric will allow water and air to pass through it. This means that the bags will not weaken prematurely, and the contents of the bag will dry out and become lighter over time.


If you want to take your yard waste collection to the next level on behalf of the environment, contact us today.

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ReFED, 2021