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18.25×25″ Compostable Bag / Liner

The EcoSafe® 18.25×25″ compostable bag measures 18.25 inches ×25 inches, and is made to fit most common 5-gallon pails. It will fit tightly around the top and loosely at the bottom to maximize capacity without the bag falling in.

Use for organic matter. — Fully compostable, this tough bag is also environmentally-friendly.

Unsure which size bag will best fit your bin? Use our bag calculator tool to find out.

Product Detail

  • SKU: CP1825-6
  • MIL: 0.6
  • Capacity (gal/L): 7 / 27
  • Size: 18.25×25″
  • Bags: 150/roll x 4 rolls
  • 600 Bags/Case


  • Star-seal bottoms conform to the shape of the bin to maximize carrying capacity
  • Strong – Puncture, tear, and zipper resistant
  • Keeps bins smelling fresh
  • Certified compostable through BPI and CMA approved


EcoSafe® Compostable Bags Sell Sheet

EcoSafe® Bin / Bag Cross Reference Sheet

FAQs About Our 5 Gallon Compost Bags

Where are your 5 gallon compostable bags made?

Our 5 gallon compostable bags and compost bin liners are made in mostly America and Canada.

Is 18.25”x25” the only size available?

No. We sell compostable bags in a wide range of sizes to fit different bins for both commercial and personal use.

Are these bags certified compostable, and by which standards?

Yes, our 5 gallon compostable bags are certified compostable through BPI, North America’s leading authority on compostable products & packaging. We are also certified through the CMA, who focuses on the field testing of compostable products.

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