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Curbside Cart

This tall EcoSafe® Curbside Cart is durable enough to withstand the elements and small animals. Put your green bin out for collection, or store it outside without waking up to a mess thanks to the animal latch.

Product Details

  • Size: 16x21x31″
  • Capacity: 13gal/49L
  • Bins/Pallet: 78


  • Curbside compost bin is compliant and easy to identify.
  • Perfect fit for the EcoSafe® 26×36″ compostable bags.
  • Animal locks keeps curious critters out of your bin.
  • Handle and wheels for easy transportation.
  • Smooth plastic construction is durable and easy to clean.


FAQs About Our Curbside Outdoor Compost Bin

Is the EcoSafe Curbside Compost Bin suitable for composting?

No. Our green outdoor bin is meant for compost material / organic material pickup or drop off at a composting facility. In other words, any compostable organic matter can be placed in our curbside bin for collection. It can’t be used to create compost for personal use.

How Are Your Curbside Bins Different?

Average trash bins are made of thin plastic that’s prone to cracking, especially in fluctuating cold and hot temperatures after years or even just months of use. Many garbage cans and even other compost bins have “snap on” lids that get loose and may fall off over time or be pried off by cunning animals. Not all compost bins are wheeled, either, making carting them to the end of your driveway for collection a pain.

Our curbside cart features an animal lock, durable plastic construction, wheels, and a generous 13 gallon capacity to solve all these issues. It’s the obvious choice for anyone serious about proper disposal of food waste and contributing to a greener world one day at a time!

What size compost bags fit inside the Curbside Caddy?

Our Curbside Caddy is made to be used with 26” x 36” compost bags.

EcoSafe® Bin / Cart Sell Sheet 

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ReFED, 2021