Waste Management

The future of waste is safe, clean, and sanitary


Why Collect Organics?

Properly collected organic waste conserves landfill space, reduces greenhouse gasses, and is turned into compost to grow healthier food

Ecosafe Programs

EcoSafe’s turnkey programs allow you to offer more value to under-explored markets. Everything is provided for you, and our programs have been tested to maximize effectiveness and minimize contamination. Add organics collection to your business for ongoing revenue.


Property managers across North America are feeling pressured to green their buildings. This turnkey program has all the tools they need to begin collecting uncontaminated organics and adhere to changing mandates for source separation.


Start serving an entire community with an effective program for source separation and collection. The included tools allow for safe handling while detering pests, containing odours, and eliminating the need to clean bins.

Food Service

Commercial kitchens are some of the biggest consumers of single-use plastics, and produce a lot of food waste. Introducing this program instantly provides them with compostable alternatives to keep that waste out of landfills.


This program is tailored made to give grocery stores the compostable products they need to elminate many of the single-use plastics that make collecting organics so difficult.

EcoSafe programs to grow your business

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