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Dispose your compostable pet waste bags as directed by your community

Compostable poop bags for dogs break down along with the waste inside. It’s a contamination-free solution for transporting waste to a commercial facility. Currently, this may only be possible in Canada. Check with your local commercial composting facility to ensure they will accept pet waste.

Using a dog waste bag made from compostable materials is the most sustainable and Earth-friendly choice. They won’t break down at the same rate outside of a composting facility. Still, they are preferable to plastic bags, which take decades to decompose. Reduce your community’s environmental footprint by choosing the most environmentally friendly doggie bags available.


Compostable dog poop bags have the power to transform the health of communities. We offer retail packs for individuals all the way up to large rolls for community park dispensers.

Set a positive example by encouraging responsible pet waste disposal. When materials are accessible, it’s easy to do your part to keep your parks clean.

When you pick up pet waste you:

  • Prevent pollution from entering your local ecosystem
  • Prevent waterborne diseases
  • Help create a cleaner and healthier living environment
  • Make the park a more pleasant place to walk and explore
  • Ensure your local public spaces are hygienic and sanitary
  • Comply with local regulations in an eco-friendly manner

Do your part to maintain a healthy, hygienic public space and boost the quality of life for everyone in your community. It’s as simple as carrying or offering compostable doggie bags.

Woman walking dog on pathway outside
Dog holding stick with doggie bag tied at the end


You can make sustainable practices an automatic part of your daily pet care routines. Add a compostable doggie bag dispenser to your pet’s leash for easy and convenient access. When the power to make a positive environmental choice is at your fingertips, you’ll feel better about your ecological footprint.


The best dog poop bags are high-quality, fully compostable, and consist of BPI-certified materials. We test our products for durability and sustainability to ensure the process is always clean, simple, and convenient.

Food loss and waste occur at each stage of the supply chain. The biggest proportion (about 37%) happens in the home.

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