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The patented EcoSafe MultiRes® program is everything you need to set up a new, or improve an existing, food scraps collection program. Collecting food scraps for compost is the #1 most influential way your residents can impact climate change. 

With this program, your residents are introduced to food scraps collection through clearly designed signage in the common area(s), an instructional resident package, and the EcoSafe bags, bins, and dispensers to make everything work. 

Why Use EcoSafe’s MultiRes® Program?

Cost Savings

Collecting food scraps for compost will decrease the volume of waste sent from your property to landfills, which can reduce costs.


Certified Compostable 

EcoSafe bags are strong enough to collect and carry all your food scraps without tearing or leaking. In a compost facility, they decompose as fast as a leaf.


Boost Your Brand

Seamless food scraps collection for any size or style of building will engage your current residents and attract new residents.


Make IT Easy

Get buy-in quickly and increase participation using implementation strategies that are proven to smooth the transition to an efficient waste system.



Stay in line with, or ahead of, local regulations by reducing landfill-bound waste and maximizing contamination-free organic waste.



Our products and the MultiRes® program are easily adapted to post-secondary residence building and complexes.


Every bag, bin and dispenser is designed to work together for seamless food scraps collection. Remove any worries you have about getting the right size or strength of bag. It’s done for you. 

Sustainability doesn’t have to be complicated

Use a program with a track record of success to get your multi-residential building heading in the right direction for the environment

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    Food loss and waste occur at each stage of the supply chain. The biggest proportion (about 37%) happens in the home.

    ReFED, 2021