Compostable Products for Organic Waste

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EcoSafe bin

Bags & Liners

Extra strong and leak resistant, our bin liners give you (and the planet) everything you need

Compost BIns

The right bins in the right places make sorting and transporting your organic waste convenient, easy, and clean

EcoSafe bin stacked on another bin outside
Person holding compostable bag with vegetables

Grocery Bags & Food Service

Compostable products for preparing, storing and transporting food

Retail Products

Strong, reliable, certified compostable products aren’t just for commercial use; look for EcoSafe® products at your local shops as well.

Person wearing EcoSafe compostable gloves while cutting a potato
EcoPooch doggie bag dispenser and dog in background

Doggie Bags

Pet waste is organic and can be composted in many places. Collect compostable waste with compostable products.

Food loss and waste occur at each stage of the supply chain. The biggest proportion (about 37%) happens in the home.

ReFED, 2021