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Transform your everyday routines into environmentally friendly actions with EcoSafe’s range of compostable products. Our sustainable items offer an eco-friendly solution to organic waste disposal. For all your compostable items, we provide the best sustainable products for both household and commercial compost needs.

EcoSafe bin


EcoSafe introduces the best compostable products in the form of bags and liners. Replace the single use plastic bags with our compostable bag option. Not just any bag, these are designed for organic waste like coffee grounds and grass clippings. They break down into organic material, CO2 and water, perfect for commercial composting facilities.


Choosing the best sustainable products includes having the right bins. Our EcoSafe bins are easy to clean, and in the case of our EcoCaddy, you can ensure that organic waste is securely stored with minimal hassle thanks to our secure animal latch which helps to keep pests out.

EcoSafe bin stacked on another bin outside
Person holding compostable bag with vegetables


From compostable food prep gloves to other eco-friendly items for food service, EcoSafe offers a variety of compostable products for organic waste as well as food prep products like our compostable gloves. Every item, from preparation to transport, ensures your sustainable journey remains intact. We’ve replaced single-use plastic with our certified compostable products, ensuring your food stays green, literally and figuratively.


EcoSafe extends its range of green products to retail. Hunt for the best eco friendly products for daily use at your local stores. Our products are not only made for commercial composting programs but are also designed for the everyday consumer, committed to sustainable living.

Person wearing EcoSafe compostable gloves while cutting a potato
EcoPooch doggie bag dispenser and dog in background


Pet owners, rejoice! We’ve got eco-friendly products just for your furry friends. With our compostable doggie bags, even pet waste becomes a part of sustainable living. Made from certified compostable resins, these are the friendly products you’ve been searching for – perfect for organic waste disposal of your pet’s waste. Just be sure to check with your local commercial compost facility to ensure they accept pet waste.

Food loss and waste occur at each stage of the supply chain. The biggest proportion (about 37%) happens in the home.

ReFED, 2021