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Discover our wide range of compostable retail products designed to make a positive impact on the environment. We are proud to offer a variety of sustainable options, including compostable bags / compostable liners, compostable food waste bags, compostable sandwich bags, compostable gloves, compostable doggie bags, and more. With EcoSafe, you can embrace eco-friendly choices without compromising on quality or convenience.

Ecosafe Doggie Bags

Reduced Packaging

Our commitment to sustainable packaging is evident throughout our product line. We understand the importance of reducing waste, which is why many of our compostable retail products feature significantly less packaging compared to traditional boxes. In fact, some of our products have up to 91% less packaging!

By choosing EcoSafe, you contribute to the reduction of plastic waste and minimize your environmental footprint. What’s more, all our products are packaged using 100% recycled or recyclable materials, ensuring a truly sustainable packaging solution.

Shop Local

When you shop with us, you’re supporting local communities. We collaborate with retailers across Canada and the US, making it easier than ever to find our compostable products in your neighborhood. By shopping locally and choosing EcoSafe, you not only help the environment but also contribute to the growth of local businesses and economies.

Person at deli holding compostable fold top bag
Person putting compostable bag into bin

Certified Compostable

Rest assured, our EcoSafeĀ® compostable retail products are certified through the Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI), meeting the highest industry standards. They are also composter approved through recognized organizations like the Compost Manufacturing Alliance (CMA).

This means our products efficiently break down in commercial composting facilities, turning into nutrient-rich compost that nourishes the soil. When you collect food scraps or other organic waste in our compostable bags, you can confidently compost them in a compost bin or deliver them to a composting facility, knowing that you’re making a positive contribution to the environment.

Unlike traditional plastics, our compostable bags naturally break down in industrial composting environments, leaving no harmful residues behind. Whether you’re looking for compostable food bags or compostable bin liners, our products are designed to meet your needs while staying true to our commitment to sustainability.

At EcoSafe, we believe that small choices can have a big impact. By opting for our compostable retail products, you actively reduce plastic waste and promote a greener future. Join us on our mission to create a more sustainable world, one compostable product and waste bag at a time.

Choose EcoSafe and make a difference today!

Food loss and waste occur at each stage of the supply chain. The biggest proportion (about 37%) happens in the home.

ReFED, 2021