Starting a food scraps collection program with EcoSafe® has many benefits;

  • EcoSafe® designs programs that are intended to educate waste generators on diverting food scraps and organics from landfills easily and effectively. To accomplish this, everything is included to start the program (including bins and signage).
  • Cities are beginning to legislate and ban food scraps and organics from going to landfill. Why? Because…
  • Sending food to landfills is toxic for the environment and our health. Food scraps and organic waste do not have the oxygen required to properly decompose in landfills. This causes the food to rot and produce methane, a potent greenhouse gas that is one of the main contributors effecting climate change. Food scrap collection programs ensure that food stays out of the landfill.
  • Creating nutrient-rich compost used to feed and nourish soil promotes healthier plant growth, water conservation, soil erosion prevention, increased soil health, and overall waste reduction.
  • Our programs are designed to collect uncontaminated food scraps to create healthy compost and help ensure a healthier future.
  • We have over 20 years experience working with haulers, restaurants, property management firms, schools and universities, grocery chains, events, food service providers, and various other waste generators. Where there is food, there are food scraps, and we can provide the tools and processes to properly collect them!
  • It’s a daily practice that has a big impact for the planet!

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Food loss and waste occur at each stage of the supply chain. The biggest proportion (about 37%) happens in the home.

ReFED, 2021